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DIRCO has an exhaustive range of additive masterbatches for various applications including certain niche applications. These additives help in enhancing quality of the finished product by altering physical and chemical properties of various polymers used. This includes improving their weatherability, toughness, appearance, process ease and much more. Overall, they help in improved sale of the final product and thereby increased profits for the clients.


DIRCO produces laser marking masterbatch, that gives high contrast and shading effect which are compatible with polymers. The laser marking procedure enables permanent markings to be made on plastic surfaces with a visually controlled laser beam. Addition of laser marking masterbatch is often essential for achieving an optimal marking contrast.


Polyolefin films are very tacky, which causes them to adhere to themselves and other surfaces during processing. This masterbatch helps in reducing coefficient of friction in the film, thereby increasing slip property.


DIRCO UV masterbatch gives unmatched protection against harmful UV radiation. This radiation induces faster degradation of the polymer and can effect its physical and chemical properties. This masterbatch also helps in retaining mechanical properties of the polymer.


Blocking normally happens between two films when they are under pressure during storing or stacking. Use of DIRCO anti-block masterbatch reduces film to film contact, thus easing out its handling and conversion.


DIRCO anti-fog masterbatches prevents moisture condensation on clear plastic films to provide good film transparency and avoids spoilage of packaged food. These films find a wide usage in refrigerated packaged food products like meat or fresh eatables, apart from its use in pre-cooked food packaging. These masterbatches also find an extensive application in greenhouse films.


DIRCO anti-oxidant masterbatch helps in improving life and performance of products by maintaining their appearance and physical properties for a longer period. While the primary anti-oxidants focuses on the performance of the product during its usage, the secondary anti-oxidant helps in protecting the polymer, when it is subjected to various heat conditions, during the manufacturing process.


Widely used in the electronics industry, DIRCO anti-static masterbatch provides an excellent and lasting electrostatic charge dissipative feature in a polymer. The utilization extends from packaging films of electronic products to consumer products avoiding the accumulation of dust and static charge.


DIRCO anti-microbial masterbatch are used to hinder the growth and propagation of bacteria in wet and damp environments. It finds application in refrigerator, washing machine drainage, bathroom and kitchen fittings.


Our PPA masterbatch improves processability in films, pipes, profiles and sheets.

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